x.034 Portfolio — v.02
USA 2017 1 Mo Design
A collection of work 2013-17
x.033 Middle East — Again
Baltimore, MD 2016 2 Mo Architecture
A juvenile rehabilitation center
x.032 Baltimore
Baltimore, MD 2016 3 D Photo
In and around Baltimore, MD
x.031 Aggie Co-op
Pittsburgh, PA 2016 2 Mo Architecture
An agricultural housing cooperative
x.030 It's Here! Party
Carnegie Mellon 2016 2 Mo Event
A wildly exorbitant party!
Pittsburgh, PA 2016 2 Wk Design
Brand identity for an architecture journal
x.028 Abstractions
Carnegie Mellon 2016 3 Mo Design
ULRS – Interactive stage art
x.027 Knoxville Library
Pittsburgh, PA 2016 3 Mo Design
ULRS – Tangible building facade
x.026 inter·view, vol. 2
USA 2016 3 Yr Publication
Architecture journal, vol. 2
x.025 School of Architecture
Carnegie Mellon 2016 3 D Design
Marketing material proposal
x.024 Peephole - Privacy
Carnegie Mellon 2016 1 Mo Design
A wall for privacy
x.023 [Project] Hazelwood
Hazelwood 2016 4 Mo Architecture
A project based learning school
x.022 Pavilion: Obscura
Hazelwood 2016 3 D Architecture
A flexible learning environment
x.021 Portfolio — v.01
USA 2016 1 Mo Design
A collection of work
x.020 INTER·PUNCT — s.02
Carnegie Mellon 2016 1 Wk Design
Poster series #02
x.019 2015
USA 2015 1 Yr Photo
Year end photo collection
x.018 INTER·PUNCT — s.01
Carnegie Mellon 2015 1 Wk Design
Poster series #01
x.017 The Strip
Strip District 2015 4 Mo Architecture
An ecological housing project
x.016 Popola Urbo
Anywhere— 2015 1 Mo Urban
A model city for the future
x.015 Fileds
California 2015 3 Mo Photo
In and around N. California
x.014 Cinematek
East Liberty 2015 6 Wk Architecture
Community arts and film center
x.013 Saco Lake
Saco Lake, NH 2015 6 Wk Architecture
Hiker's cabin and bathhouse
x.012 Grow Collective
Larimer 2014 6 Wk Architecture
Community agriculture center
x.011 Grow Atlas
Pittsburgh, PA 2014 2 Wk Design
A folding pamphlet
x.010 Hoop House
Larimer 2014 4 Wk Architecture
A modular greenhouse
x.009 Folding Garden
Carnegie Mellon 2014 2 Wk Design
A small armature for a basil plant
x.008 Detroit
Detroit, MI 2014 1 Wk Photo
In and around the motor city
x.007 Reflection
Pittsburgh, PA 2014 1 Mo Photo
Black and white reflections
x.006 Campus Addition
Carnegie Mellon 2014 4 Wk Architecture
Campus intervention
x.005 Wild
Clarksburg, CA 2014 1 Wk Photo
Juxtapositions in space/not space
x.004 Parson's Table
Pittsburgh, PA 2014 4 Wk Design
Coffee table politics
x.003 Marble Mover
Pittsburgh, PA 2014 3 Wk Design
A marble moving device
x.002 The Manestream
Sacramento, CA 2013 1 Yr Design
A year long podcast experiment
x.001 Rwanda
Rwanda 2013 3 Wk Photo
In and around Rwanda