Kyle J. Wing (b. 1995, Sacramento, CA) is a designer working between architecture, design, editing, curating, and publishing. He is in his fourth year at Carnegie Mellon University, working towards his Bachelors of Architecture.

Currently, he is Editor-in-Chief and Director of INTER·PUNCT, a journal and platform for ideas, theory, and discourse, sometimes about architecture. This past year he assisted with the latest print volume, inter·view, as Editorial Staff and Design Lead. Since taking over as Editor-in-Chief/Director the group has broadened its vision and undertaken new projects that run the gamut from new editorial projects, to designing and curating an interactive digital display. He is also an Editorial/Curatorial Assistant at Point Line Projects, assisting on an exhibition catalog for MoMA and an exhibition on equity in the design professions for ArchiteXX. During the school year he works as a monitor in the Design Fabrication Lab at Carnegie Mellon. He spent his last summer in Pittsburgh working at Point Line Projects and Ultra Low Res Studio.

His work is interested in solving problems, empowering communities, and activating neglected spaces. He thrives in the undefined space between disciplines, operating on a spectrum between physical and theoretical, high- and low-res, definite and indefinite, digital and analog, Young Thug and The Punch Brothers.