GROW ATLAS | Planning

[October, 2014, 1 week]


LARIMER | Research and clearly communicate through diagramming and a variety of drawing conventions, the planning efforts of the city of Pittsburgh for the neighborhoods adjacent to the proposed building site in Larimer. 


PLANNING | The development of a neighborhood requires ample amounts of planning. The diagrams illustrated in this atlas behind to express the trends of the past, the present, and the future across many fields: economic, political, environmental, etc. The projected vision for Larimer needs to be understood with regards to all of these factors.


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full atlas unfolded


Completed in collaboration with: Renee Cox, Sinan Goral, XiaouYu Jiang, Josh Kim, Delaney Lam, James Monroe, Francis Yang, Victoria Yong, Ethan Young, Catherine Zanardi

Responsible for research, diagraming, layout and design