- WHAT -

Campus intervention

- WHEN -

Apr - May '14


Carnegie Mellon Unveristy




CAMPUS | The ideal university is based on a an ability to connect. Connect to its students, connect to the community around it, connect these students to that community, and connect theses students to where they need to go. Whether that be to becoming a congressman, a biomedical engineer, a computer scientist, or quite literally connect them to their next class - Carnegie Mellon is disconnected. 

CARNEGIE MELLON | Parts of the campus are used frequently while others are completely ignored. Redeveloping The Mall and extending Wean Hall into Porter Hall, attempts to rectify some of this disconnection and revitalize an area many students have never begun to understand as a recreational space. 

DESIGN | A large hallway is opened up to give students a passage between Wean and Porter Hall. Below a large open study area is created with study cubicles to break up the space. Secondary circulation gives certain cubicles more privacy than others. All three spaces are connected by the play of light through floor planes. A large glass path visually connects the two buildings on the ground level, as well as  carries light into the passing hallway beneath.