- WHAT -

Community house for arts and cinema

- WHEN -

Mar - May '15


Pittsburgh, PA




EAST LIBERTY | Over the past century East Liberty has gone from a bustling business district of Pittsburgh to a struggling, blighted neighborhood. Recent development has put the neighborhood in a tough position, somewhere between gentrification and positive cultural diversity. This project attempts to address the future of the area.

CINEMA | The comparisons between architecture and film are well established and have served as a foundation of discourse within both art forms for over a century. The connections are natural. This project affords the opportunity to explore the architectural conditions of collective media spaces that utilize cinematic conventions as well as emerging and experimental means of expression and communication. 

DESIGN | The eyes and the limits of perception are ultimately the protagonist of all film. This project aimed to use cinema not as a just a fixture for which to situate the program around, but as a model through which to design. How can the building augment and play upon conventional ideas of perception? Spaces blend together and overlap, programmed for many uses, blurring programmatic lines and allowing one to flow freely. A lofty, open entrance sequence carries throughout the building, extending the dynamics of the corner into the lobby and through the gallery space. This openness is communicable by all, allowing cultural exchange between all members of the community. This accessibility is fore-fronted in the hope that the cinema becomes a community fixture, not simply a destination for those who choose to come, but a constant anchor for East Liberty.