Aggie Co-op


- WHAT -

Agricultural housing cooperative

- WHEN -

Aug - Sep '16


Pittsburgh, PA


The Aggie Co-op brings food production back to the front step of the home, reconnecting and reintroducing generations both new and old to local food production, home cooking, and a shared meal. Food makes a triumphant return as the cornerstone of the American family, but with renewed attention to  nutrition, sustainable living, and shared living.


Highly mechanized food production in the United States has long threatened the diets of Americans, specifically targeting citizens below the poverty line. The continued melding of these multi-national conglomerations, including Monsanto, DuPont, with ties to Syngenta and Bayer, has all but guaranteed a future of insufficient diets becoming a pandemic in the US. This is not a new call to reconnect with food, but a plea to finally pick up the phone.


Housing units sit around a communal courtyard that provides the homes with growing space. Just off the courtyard are smaller shared spaces consisting of lounges, kitchens and eating areas. Each of these shared spaces leads to two or more units of private sleeping and bathing areas, with some units offering private recreation space as well.