- WHAT -

Community Agriculture Center

- WHEN -

Nov - Dec '14


Larimer, PGH


GROW COLLECTIVE | Grow Collective aims to leverage architectural design to advocate for new modes of food growth, distribution, and education in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. 

LARIMER | Grow Collective must negotiate a number of overlapping urban scales and use scenarios. The degree of overlap in this portion of the city reinforces the overall ambition that Grow Collective be rooted in it’s immediate context yet also implicated in urban agriculture systems dispersed throughout the city. 

STEM | In order to foster growth in a community, there must be a base point, a place to begin, to stem from. Pulling from this concept, this project stems from one central circulation core, a multi-use space, charged with organizing all pieces of the program, it becomes an icon for the community, an icon all can engage with, regardless of their interest in agriculture.