- WHAT - 

Modular greenhouse

- WHEN -

Oct - Nov '14


Larimer, PGH




HOOP HOUSE | Design and construct a portable and lightweight enclosure for protecting a raised garden bed during cold weather.

LARIMER COMMUNITY GARDEN | The hoop house must be easy to access. The hoop house must be easy to disassemble seasonally. The hoop house must be functional (ie. keep heat in). The hoop house must also be visually engaging to (1) the architect, (2) the gardener, (3) the community

DESIGN | In order to maximize ease of use and function, a gridded structure was designed to stay on the site throughout the year, providing a growing structure for the plants. Plastic sheets can be placed on and taken off as necessary. A moveable fifth module is provided for plants growing beyond the 3 foot reach of the first level. 



construction drawing set