Housing Archipelago


- WHAT -

London speculations on density

- WHEN -

Jan '17 - Feb '17


London, UK



Three booklets were produced alongside Jonathan Kline's Housing Archipelago: London Speculations on Density. Two volumes exploring architectural, social, and political strategies to address London's worsening housing crisis, and one collecting the studio's work at the end of the semester.

The goal of the former effort was twofold. First, it served as a menu of possible tactics that were applied to the studio's individual project sites to shape a unique affordability strategy for your individual projects. Second, it functions as an a body of research that is to be presented alongside the individual design efforts, collected in the third volume, to help answer the broader issues of the housing crisis that are beyond the scope of any one intervention. This printing and exhibition of this work in Pittsburgh, London, and more cities is being funded by the Berkman Faculty Development Fund and is currently in production. 

I lead design, illustration direction, layout, and editing for all three volumes.