Kyle J. Wing (b. 1995, Sacramento, CA) is a designer working between architecture, design, editing, curating, and publishing. He is currently a Space Designer at Continuum in Boston, MA. He recently received his Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon, with an additional major in Social and Political History.

As a Space designer at Continuum he uses his vast and flexible skill set to make sense of complex system, realize design solutions, and craft a better, more inclusive future. He has worked on multiple projects across scales and disciplines, helping with everything from systems to visual design, and environments to digital design. Most recently he helped rethink the user experience for customers of a major domestic airline. Prior to his time at Continuum, he was the Editor-in-Chief and Director of INTER·PUNCT, a platform for ideas, theory, and discourse, sometimes about architecture. He has also spent time at HDR, Inc., Point Line Projects, and Ultra Low Res Studio.

Interested in solving problems, empowering communities, and activating neglected physical and theoretical spaces, his work takes no particular shape. He thrives in the undefined space between mediums and disciplines, operating on a spectrum between physical and theoretical, high- and low-res, definite and indefinite, digital and analog, Young Thug and The Punch Brothers.