- WHAT -

Hiker's cabin and bathhouse

- WHEN -

Mar - May '15


Saco Lake, NH


SACO LAKE, NH | Nestled in Crawford Notch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Saco Lake lies directly off the Appalachian Trail. Heavily vegetated, the lake is cloaked in an array of diverse species, and flanked by steep, granite slopes.

BATHS | This project explores the relationships between the performance capacities of plinth, wall, and canopy to establish a set of design strategies that are informed by material attributes, construction logic, and atmospheric potential. The program includes three baths: a Tepidarium - 90 degrees Fahrenheit, a Caladarium - 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a Frigidarium - 60 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as lodging quarters for thru-hikers.

DESIGN | The hiker’s journey is remembered in instances, exact points in time, moments. Although these experiences are very personal, the built environment can remove awareness of these momentous instances, rendering an unchanging, banal environment. This bathhouse relies on selectively defining and framing nature to create interrelating and powerful instances between the built environment and nature. Situation around the creek allows the introduction of a natural and symbolic threshold. The instance of crossing the creek is one of purification, literally from a 'dirty' space to a 'clean' space, but also mentally, hearing the creek rush frames the bathing experience. Light is also framed and constructed to create instances. Openings small in size or above eye level, deny the a direct view, focusing on receiving an instance of light. These instances are capitalized upon two separates times, where enclosure falls away and opens wide to frame a view out over the lake and a view up towards the peak of Elephant Head.